Here you can find complete descriptions and prices on the various Detail Services offered by
S. A. Mobile Detail.  Below you will find a chart that helps determine the size of your
vehicle.  Prices are based on vehicle being in average dirty condition.

Mini Detail
*Hand Wash & Chamois Dry
*Bug & Moderate Tar Removal
*Clean Tires, Rims & Wheel Wells
*Wipe Dash, Console & Door Jams
* Vacuum Interior Under Seats & Floormats
*Dress Tires, Wells & Moldings
*Clean Glass & Mirrors
A.   $55.00
B.   $60.00
C.   $70.00
D.   $75.00
E.   $85.00
F. $105.00
Hunting Vehicles: Starts @ $195.00
Depending On Condition
Excessive trash, mud, items left in the vehicle will be an
extra charge.
A. 2 Door Coupes: Audi TT, Benz CL SL, BMW Z4
B. 4 Door Sedans: Audi A6, Benz E-S Class, BMW 7series,  
Exotics: Ferrari, Lamboghini, McLaren, etc.....
D. Small To Med S.U.V.'s: Benz M-Class, BMW X3 & X5
E. Large S.U.V.'s: Expedition, LandCruiser, Range Rover, Suburban
F. Extra Large S.U.V's and Trucks: Passenger Van, F250 and up, etc..  
Once we take your appointment, we turn away all others to ensure your
vehicle gets detailed.  We require all cancellations be made 2 hours prior to
your appointment, otherwise you will be charged a
$45.00 service fee and we
will not take your next appointment until fee is paid in full.
Full Complete Detail
All Of The Above
Prices Based On Average Condition Vehicles.
A. $335.00
B. $345.00
C.  $355.00
D.  $375.00
E.  $415.00
F. $475.00
Mini Detail & Wax
A. $215.00
B. $225.00
C.   $225.00
D.  $235.00
E.  $255.00
F. $285.00
Heavy oxidation, excessive scratches,
overspray an extra charge.
Mini Detail & Shampoo Carpets
A.  $205.00
B. $215.00
C.  $205.00
D.  $225.00
E.  $245.00
F. $265.00
Extremely stained and soiled interiors, an
extra charge.
Clean & Condition Leather
Price Starts At $50.00
Shampoo Floor Mats
$15.00 Per Matt
Clean & Dress Engine Compartment
Starts At $75.00
San Antonio Mobile Auto Detail & Car Wash
San Antonio Mobile Auto Detail and Car Wash